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Shaw Capital Management Headlines : Justin Bieber film that no one came to see!

Justin Bieber film that no one came to see!

Bieber fanatics, brace yourselves…

I’m sure you thought his fame would at least last him another ten years but apparently, you’re wrong. Justin Bieber, the worldwide phenomenon, failed to get even one person to watch the showing of his film!

And before I hear rabid fangirls issuing death threats let me get this straight: you read that right and this is no April Fool’s joke. No one really showed up during a screening of the teen heartthrob’s movie, Never Say Never in Manawatu, New Zealand. What’s more, sales of pre-booked tickets are also below sea level.

This is like the complete opposite of what happens to practically the rest of the world whenever he goes on concerts – where reports of injuries from screaming fangirls are not surprising.

I know you may find this hard to believe, outrageous even, (like I just told you the Pope’s a Baptist or something). Nobody would expect this kind of setback from someone who’s known for viral songs and music videos (that garners millions of hits in less than a day), as well as transforming girls into idiotic swooners.

Millions of his fans might not get affected by this small occurrence but they must be warn that in probably less than a year, they might find themselves worshipping a flop icon. After all, they always start in small scales, right?

But the optimistic manager of the infamous theater, Kaye Hendricks found some explanation from the fact that kids (the film’s primary audience) simply cannot get out of school to watch the movie.

Or maybe the teen idol is just starting to lose his touch this early (on second thought, not that he had any).
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