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Shaw Capital Management Online : Heads Up !

Welcome to SCM Online, your sleek and no-frills alternative to the oh-so-cluttered news blogs that currently tops the search results. As a debut post, let me give you a rundown on how this whole thing works.

SCM Online conveniently groups incoming news into three categories that proves to be the most significant ones for the online community in general:

Technology. Keep tabs on the heating competition between search engine giant Google and social networking star Facebook. (Occasionally, we feature certain websites or software products and do some pros-and-cons analysis. Otherwise, anything new and newsworthy concerning consumer gadgets and the collective web.)

Lifestyle. Useful health and diet tips for those conscious with their well-being, with lots of other cool and practical stuff for everyday life thrown in for good measure.

Finance. Daily reports on the state of the market, notable fluctuations on stock prices, commodity updates, scam MOs, and several business and political factors that comes in to play.

We do host a whole lot of other stuff outside of those categories but only if they are totally interesting, amusing or informational (we don’t want to overwhelm you with useless news!).

Above all, we welcome active participation from our visitors (yeah, you!), so if you find something interesting, erroneous, terrible or inspiring, feel free to leave your two cents.

Stay tuned!

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